'I got you:' Jaguars' head team physician pulls off a happy surprise

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — He’s usually on the news talking about the Jaguars.  
Orthopedic surgeon and head team physician for the team, Dr. Kevin Kaplan, is an expert on injuries at the Jacksonville Orthopedic Institute.
In fact, he often lectures about various painful problems, such as torn rotator cuff tendons.
But in this case, Dr. Kaplan had a surprise up his sleeve. 
“The ruse was that I was giving a talk at the stadium on shoulder injuries, and he always attends my talks,” Dr. Kaplan says.
He’s talking about his own father, Dr. Sheldon Kaplan. The “medical lecture” was just a set-up to surprise his dad.
“My mother was in on it, as well,” Dr. Kaplan says 
So, at the stadium in front of a crowd, Dr. Kaplan begins showing a PowerPoint presentation and talks about how the brain signals our muscle to work.  
He explains that signals can tell you to raise your hand. He then asks everyone to raise their hand.
He says the signals control legs, as well. 
Then Dr. Kaplan says, “If everyone is here to celebrate my Dad’s retirement, please stand up.” 
Everyone stands up and breaks into applause. 
Dr. Kaplan’s father realizes it’s all about him.
And Dr. Kaplan is saying, “I got you. I got you!”  His Dad is grinning. And he’s wiping tears from his eyes.
“The night was special for my Dad,” Dr. Kaplan says.  “He’s my hero.” 
Dr. Sheldon Kaplan served our community for 47 years as a child psychologist. He worked with families at Baptist, UNF, Duval County public schools, the Boys and Girls Club, Hope Haven, and groups helping children on the autism spectrum.
“If you think of child psychology in Jacksonville, you think of Sheldon Kaplan,” his son says. 
Dr. Kaplan, of course, thanked everyone for coming, Then, with a smile, confirmed he was indeed totally surprised.  He kept thinking, “Why did we get dressed up?  It’s just a talk Kevin is giving.  We were in our workout clothes.” 
Dr. Kaplan, from your beginning on Hendricks Avenue to your wide reach as a child and family expert, we wish you a happy retirement.  
Enjoy those grandchildren! 
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